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Tritium is a simple scripting language for efficiently transforming structured data.

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How Tritium works

Tritium takes as input HTML, XML, or JSON documents and outputs HTML, XML, or JSON data that has been transformed according the rules defined in the Tritium script. Like jQuery, idiomatic Tritium code is structured around selecting a collection of elements via a CSS or XPath selector and then chaining a series of operations on them.

What are Mixers?

Tritium Libraries (known as Mixers) add specific functionality to your project. Mixers in Tritium are like RubyGems in Ruby or NPM Modules in NodeJS.

Operations and functions for all mixers are outlined in this documentation. Get started by selecting a mixer at left, then you can search for a function by name, or browse through functions based on how you use them.

Language created by Hampton Catlin & brought to you by Moovweb